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Loon Models is now open for business!

While we are a new company, we are not new to the hobby. Loon Models is the 'house brand' for Roll Models, Inc. - see the logo? The primary source for masters and casting work is the incomparable Bob Ferreira who has been mastering kits for several major model companies as well as casting resin for almost 25 years.

Our objective is corrections, detail sets and kits that are of the highest quality - high quality masters that are cast well AND are easy to use. To that end, we strive to offer items that require a minimum of cutting to apply the parts - or no cutting at all. This is not to say we will not offer more challenging sets just that when we do they will be relatively easy to use.

What WON'T we do? We won't offer another F-4 cockpit! Seriously, there are companies out there that do cockpits and that kind of thing very well and that's not what we concentrate on.

And, as always, we are on the lookout for good product suggestions. Please e-mail us here with yours!

John, Mary, Bob, Steve, Steve, Brent, Mike and, of course, Larry - the loon!

September 2003:

Our first item in the Loon Models "Master" (or is that "Loon Master"?!) line has been released to rave reviews! The 1/72 correction/detail set for the Revell Germany 1/72 BF 109G-10 kit was recently reviewed on Hyperscale. We sent Brett only the parts because the box and the instructions were not yet complete but now everything is ready to go. If, like us, you were a little disappointed in the Revell Germany BF 109G-10 this is the one for you! The set includes a complete one-piece wing with dropped slats and flaps. The main improvement in the wing is that the landing gear has been moved inboard to the proper position so the model has the proper spread on the landing gear. The wheel wells are also completely detailed. Additional goodies include separate radiators and radiator flaps, a propeller and spinner, a rudder with the mass-balance, a long tail wheel and small upper wing bumps. Between the kit parts and the extra parts in our loon set, you will be able to produce almost any variation of the BF 109 G-10!